Long Wide Board

Our Consulting Services

A. Teak Expertise in the following areas;

  • Site selection based upon type of soil, soil ph, analysis of nutrients, topography, location, geology, climate, investment security, political and environmental considerations.
  • Obtain best planting material for maximum growth potential.
  • Our objective will be to grow premium grade wood for lumber, decking, flooring and other high value products.
  • Guidance for proper site preparation.
  • Oversee planting operation to insure proper planting techniques, density and spacing.
  • Application of weedicides and/or fungicides as may be necessary.
  • Siliviculture to create healty vigorous trees. This will include but not limited to deciding on the most appropriate method of thinning, pruning, selection of dominate trees, removal of undiserable and suppressed trees.

B. Plantation Marketing Expertise

  • We can market the shares/trees to prospective clients.

C. Teak Marketing Expertise

  • We have over 35 years of experience selling teak logs, squares, lumber and flooring in America. We have a network of buyers in Europe, Asia and America.
  • We can call upon experts in marketing, milling, furniture production, veneer and flooring manufacturing.

D. Our Management Team Profiles

  • Managed the largest teak plantations and natural teak forests in the world.
  • Have received forestry degrees from framed overseas universities and are well versed on the latest forestry techniques.
  • Experts in forestry, siliculture, management, manufacturing and marketing.
  • Distinguished members are superspecialists in the teak field having lectured at universities and international symposiums, written official resource reports for the United Nations FAO as well as consulting work.
  • Internationally trained foresters and specialist that only worked with teak for their entire careers.