About Teak

King of Woods – Teak

aboutteakbThe world’s most valuable hardwood. The rare beauty of teak. Its golden brown luster, decorative grain and unique properties have made it one of the most demanded woods of the world. There are many uses for teak. Teak does not wrap, crack or turn black when in contact with metals. It is ideal for marine use.

Teak yachts are the paragon of elegance and teak graces the decks of thousands of sailing vessels. Teak has been the mainstay of the boat building industry for several centuries.yatch


On land teak has a multide of uses, doors, window frames, sculptures, exterior joinery, interior and exterior furniture. Teak flooring in a variety of sizes and designs enhances the beauty and value of any room. The chemical industry recognises many applications for teak because of its durability and resistance to harsh chemicals.

aniteakTeak has been used extensively in the oil fields of the Middle East as it is the only wood in the world that can withstand the harsh dry desert conditions and not conduct electrical sparks that could cause a deadly explosion. Another outstanding feature of teak is its durability in all types of climatic conditions. Outdoor teak furniture needs no paint or vanish. Severe winter snow storms, monsoon rains and tropical heat cannot diminish the strength of teak.

Teak is one of the few woods in the world that has a natural oil to retard water and keeps teak from wraping, cracking or becoming brittle. Teak is extremely resistant to rot and has a natural resinous substance called technoquine that repels termites, marine borers and other insects. High grade teak lumber and veneer plywood is in great demand.